“Wild Butterflies”

Normally a good girl prone to hiding in her room reading fairy tales or jumping rope with friends, Ten-year-old Corey is baffling everyone by lying and stealing.

Rita’s angry and tired, and tired of it. What does that old man see in her, and why can’t her son just grow up and raise his own child?

Bill’s confused. about his bitter mother, his ex-wife, his estranged and withdrawn daughter and about the beautiful woman he meets one cold snowy morning.

Too caught up in their own dysfunction, anxiety, and drama, neither Rita, Bill, or Cory realizes a monster bigger than loneliness is waiting to strike. Thankfully, love comes to chase away their butterflies. 


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Genre: Fiction

Paperback | $13.99
Published by Wildemere Publishing
Cover design: CODEX / Tracy Cox
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| 302 Pages | 5 x 8 | ISBN 9780997569810

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Published by Wildemere Publishing
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For single parents doing the best they can, for grandparents weary of life’s demands, for every child — young or old — yearning for understanding,  Katherine F. Green’s debut novel Wild Butterflies is the tender story of a multigenerational family longing for understanding in difficult circumstances and the people who teach them what love really means.

Celebrities raised by single parents or grandparents:

Alicia Keys, singer

Hugh Jackman, actor

Shaquille O’Neal, former basketball player

Jack Nicholson, actor

Jet Li, actor

Maya Angelou, poet

Oprah Winfrey, entertainment mogul

Willie Nelson, singer

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Katherine F. Green has volunteered her time at nonprofits dedicated to improving the lives of youth and continues to support organizations that make the betterment of children a priority. Formerly an elementary and high schoolteacher, a journalist at the Detroit Free Press, and a journalism instructor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and Wayne State University in Detroit, Katherine F. Green is now retired and living with the beauty of marshes, rivers, and live oak trees in South Carolina with her loving husband, Dennis.