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The written word has the power to engage, enlighten, and transform.
Whether you are an author, entrepreneur, small business, or multi-national corporation looking for editorial strategy, creativity, the basics, or full editorial execution, Wildemere Publishing is ready to serve as your editorial partner.
We develop and support compelling creative content. You have a great story to tell. We can help you tell it.

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Why children’s mental health matters to your company’s bottom line

Mental illness affects one in five adults and costs U.S. employers upwards of $193 billion annually. Half of chronic mental illness begins before age 14; however, fewer than 20 percent of children with mental illness get the treatment they need. Yet cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and respiratory illnesses typically dominate healthcare conversations. That’s because for most people, mental health is not a watercooler conversation. It’s a stigma company leaders just don’t understand.

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Veteran’s mission for more

Courtenay Reed at Workshop for Warriors

After graduating high school, Courtenay Reed took a few classes at a community college and worked at a print shop. But he wanted more. So, in 1987, at age 19, he joined the Marine Corps, an experience that gave him purpose. In boot camp, he trained to be a rifleman and to win battles through honor, courage and commitment. Afterward,

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Tiny home, giant opportunity: Nonprofit offers the homeless four walls … and a foundation for a stable future

David Leenhouts loved preaching in the pulpit. But after 25 years, frequent health challenges required him to take substantial time off, and then he was forced into early retirement. Worse still, when Leenhouts lost his job, he lost his home because the United Methodist Church in east Ohio provided his housing. “It’s been a long year,” says Leenhouts, a thoughtful

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