OnStar Helps Stop Car Thieves in Their Tracks

No one likes to think it could happen to them. Especially in Beach Park, Ill., a safe, quiet village north of Chicago that doesn’t seem like the sort of place where your car could be stolen from your home in the dead of night.

So thought Venessa Irizarry and her husband, Joseph Davis. But when it happened, they didn’t panic, and their first call wasn’t to police. It was to OnStar.

It was a cool March day, and the couple had spent the afternoon shopping, leaving the mall around 7 p.m. to head home. They parked Venessa’s 2013 Buick Verano in the garage, locked up and headed inside for the night. Just like they had done a thousand times before.

Joseph saw it first. Hewas up early to head to his carpentry job, and when he went out to the garage, Venessa’s car was gone.

For many car-theft victims, this is where the story ends — at least until the vehicle turns up stripped of parts on the side of a road.

This story, written for OnStar, was originally published at ExperienceOnStar.com. Read the full story herehttps://www.experienceonstar.com/view/onstar-helps-stop-car-thieves-in-their-tracks