Land ownership = dignity (editing project)

Remy Long in Kundam

Part I – Kundam Kundam is a village and a word. The village is a small community of about 500 Mandinka and Fulani people in the small West African nation of The Gambia. Most everyone there is a peanut farmer. There are a few blacksmiths, some hunters and some fisherman on the Gambia River a few miles north. There was

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Keeping neighborhoods safer, healthier

Genevive Meeks was 19 when AmeriCorps members began boarding up abandoned homes in her Detroit neighborhood. “There were open holes where there was a lot of drug trafficking,” she says. Afterward, she says the neighborhood felt different. “I know the kids felt safer going to school. It wasn’t just every person for themselves anymore.” While working on her street, a

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Jazz hands: Connecting with kids with math and care

The day starts with breakfast, though that’s not what gets the kids going. Enthusiastic hugs, high fives and groan-worthy riddles set the tone as staff celebrate the students and one another during morning assembly. No one needs to tell them when it’s time to sit and listen. They just do. That’s because they know math isn’t the focus of Math

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OnStar Helps Stop Car Thieves in Their Tracks

No one likes to think it could happen to them. Especially in Beach Park, Ill., a safe, quiet village north of Chicago that doesn’t seem like the sort of place where your car could be stolen from your home in the dead of night. So thought Venessa Irizarry and her husband, Joseph Davis. But when it happened, they didn’t panic,

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