Editorial Services

Creative, dependable, and detail-oriented.

Wildemere Publishing can help you tell your story.

We provide writing, editing, consulting, and project management services for individuals, corporations, communities, and nonprofits in myriad industries. 

Editorial Services


Articles, Blog posts, Bios, Books, Brochures

E-mail blasts, Native content, Journalism news & features stories, Newsletters

Press releases, Reports, Speeches, White papers


Line editing, Developmental editing, Proofreading, Copy editing

Editorial consulting for print, digital & speaker events

Consulting / Project Management

Events, Editorial strategy & planning, Leading & managing teams

Managing projects & campaigns, Driving ongoing programs, Print & design

Subject matter

Arts & Entertainment, business, cybersecurity, education, fiction, health, lifestyle, manufacturing, mobility, nonfiction, nonprofits, poetry, skilled labor (workforce issues), technology, travel, and other industries for B2B, B2C, creative, marketing, media, and internal use.

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