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Nonprofits take learning beyond the last bell

Kids playing the drums at Ailey Camp in Washington Heights

The new presidential administration and questions about funding for school, after school and summer learning programs have amplified the national conversation about how we instruct our children. While many focus on traditional school day programs, some experts say out-of-school programs are equally, if not more, important to the development of today’s youth. Children spend about 20 percent of their waking

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Indie bookstore owners find success with events, personal touch

The advent of electronic books, surge in Amazon sales and closure of big-box bookstores have had many assuming independent bookshops will crash and burn, never to rise again. Yet, in Detroit, indie bookstore Source Booksellers has been growing since opening some 12 years ago, and another opened just recently. “Opening a bookstore is a risky business. You have to have a pretty good plan

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