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How Michigan’s mobility revolution will save lives

By Leslie D. Green By 2035, drivers will be able to sit back in relative ease while 21 million autonomous vehicles safely navigate inclement weather and traffic commutes on their behalf. Yet, connected and automated vehicles aren’t just cool or convenient: Industry leaders argue they one day will provide unprecedented levels of safety on roadways. “Connectivity makes driving safer,” said

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Why children’s mental health matters to your company’s bottom line

Mental illness affects one in five adults and costs U.S. employers upwards of $193 billion annually. Half of chronic mental illness begins before age 14; however, fewer than 20 percent of children with mental illness get the treatment they need. Yet cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and respiratory illnesses typically dominate healthcare conversations. That’s because for most people, mental health is not a watercooler conversation. It’s a stigma company leaders just don’t understand.

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