2020’s Most Notable Women in Michigan

Women and men in silhouette.

Women business professionals are often overlooked. But talented women contribute value in every industry.

Specifically, Michigan women are relentless, approachable, focused, and community-oriented. They defend high net-worth clients, navigate restructurings, lead mergers, invent new products, secure patents, manage plants, harness the power of technology, enhance brands, design our world and save lives.

Find out who has made our Crain’s Detroit Business lists of Notable Women so far this year:

Crain’s 2020 Notable Women in Design:  Someone designed nearly every image and object in our physical environment. They blended form and function, art and engineering in ways often invisible to the conscious mind. At its best, design just works. And so do our inaugural Notable Women in Design, whose fields range from architecture and graphic design to fashion and industrial design. They run companies, make things happen, and most importantly, create images, objects and ideas never seen before. Meet Crain’s Notable Women in Design.

Crain’s 2020 Notable Women in Health: They’re executives and fundraisers. Nurses, physicians and researchers. They’re advocates, educators and mentors. Leaders. Meet Crain’s 2020 Notable Women in Health: 41 women who are making a difference for patients, their businesses and in the field. Those who know them praise their vision, acumen and tirelessness. Read about them here.

Crain’s 2020 Notable Women in Finance: They’re chief financial officers, executive directors and controllers; financial planners, wealth managers and bankers. The work they do is make-or-break: they’ve saved their companies millions (or more), negotiated big mergers and acquisitions and put their firms on the path to sustainability and prosperity. Meet Crain’s Notable Women in Finance here.

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