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The United States boasts nearly 1.6 million nonprofits, including civics leagues, chambers of commerce, public charities and private foundations.

My client, the Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services is among those organizations. In addition to supporting other nonprofits, education and communities around the globe, Ford Fund is sharing stories about essential issues through its website,

As writer and editor at large, I have come upon a multitude of nonprofits supporting children, veterans, and tackling poverty in impoverished communities. Many are working to end homelessness and illiteracy and providing disaster relief as well. Some of what’s happening is powerfully sad. But so much more is inspiring beyond measure. I learned about a community in which 15 teens died in 15 months, how a grieving mother decided to change the scenario and how Ford Fund stepped up to help

I also discovered how:

  • Gino Tubaro uses his love of invention to develop 3d-manufactured prosthetics for children in need;
  • Alvin Ailey, 826, Mosaic Youth Theatre and others are supporting the needs of children through creative programming;
  • the Center for Native American Youth is empowering students in neglected communities;
  • triple-amputees use their disabilities to inspire others;
  • basketball great Kareem Abdul-Jabaar slam dunks racism;
  • social entrepreneurs are acquiring capital to make change;
  • Smashwords founder Mark Coker discovered his calling; and
  • college students created jobs for deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Read about issues that matter: Visit today.

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