• Why Wildemere?

    “Working with Leslie is a pleasure. She’s a talented writer, highly professional in her approach, right on top of her deadlines and manages any project well. That’s why she’s our go-to when

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  • A Tribute: Jessye Norman and Dr. Silas Norman

    If, as the saying goes, a life worth living is one lived for others, then Jessye Norman and her brother Dr. Silas Norman Jr. indeed lived. (Written for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra)

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  • Thriving on Innovation

    Michigan is at the epicenter of mobility, manufacturing, agriculture and cybersecurity. Reigning in manufacturing, agriculture, transportation and overall innovation is Pure Michigan. (Written for Crain/Planet M)

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  • Screen shot of ROI of D&I white paper

    Diversity: It’s in your control

    Diversity is about who we are. Inclusion is about the way we treat people. Both matter to your company’s bottom line. (Written for Bank of America/Crain’s)

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  • Why children’s mental health matters to your company’s bottom line

    Mental illness affects one in five adults and costs U.S. employers upwards of $193 billion annually. Half of chronic mental illness begins before age 14; however, fewer than 20 percent of children with mental illness get the treatment they need. Yet cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and respiratory illnesses typically dominate healthcare conversations. That’s because for most people, mental health is not a watercooler conversation. It’s a stigma company leaders just don’t understand.

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  • Looking back at past racial tensions in order to move forward

    Though there isn’t consensus on the progress made since ’67, most agree long-simmering frustration with racial inequity catalyzed the rebellion.

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  • Helping you tell your story

    Wildemere Publishing is ready to tell your story.   We provide writing, editing, consulting, content and project management services for nearly every industry — including arts and culture, business, education,

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food distribution

Schools strive to overcome digital dilemma

For the millions of educators responsible for nurturing new generations of Americans, the past few months have whipped up a whirlwind of decisions, from creating crash courses in distance learning to finding new ways to feed students, tend to their mental health and deal with the digital divide that deprives young people in underserved communities of the opportunities to learn.